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First ever picture of a Black Hole

By Mechele

Yesterday marked the release of the first picture ever taken of a Black Hole.  This amazing feat was accomplished using the Event Horizon Telescope which is actually a network of telescopes around the world.  While scientists have been studying Black Holes for years this is the first time ...

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NASA says goodbye to Opportunity

By Mechele

Yesterday NASA officially ended the Opportunity rovers' 15 year mission to Mars.  They lost contact with the rover last year in June after a massive dust storm covered the planet.  Engineers believed that the solar panels powering Opportunity had been covered by dust and had hoped that esp...

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Lessons from Edward Snowden

By Mechele

Can businesses learn valuable lessons from the man who pulled off the most notorious hack in history?  Apparently yes.  Snowden, who infamously leaked over 20,000 top secret government files back in 2013, is currently touring web security events in Europe via live video link.  He is s...

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Wikipedia to integrate Google Translate

By Mechele

Today the Wikimedia Foundation announced a partnership with Google Translate.  The goal is to make more of Wikipedia's articles available to non-English speakers.  Google's AI translation will be integrated with Wikipedia's existing software to add more languages to their catalog, includin...

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Drone sightings have the UK's second largest airport closed

By Mechele

Drones were spotted in Gatwick airport's airspace late last night and have continued to be spotted periodically throughout the last 15+ hours.  The airport is still shut down, no planes in or out, and authorities still have no idea when they will reopen.  More than 115,000 people are stran...

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