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Net Neutrality Vote

By - Mechele
14.12.17 05:42 PM

Today may very well signal the end of the landmark Net Neutrality rules that were put in place just 2 years ago. The FCC will vote on whether or not the Internet remains classified as a utility, and is therefore subject to the same regulations as power and land-line phones, or returning it to a previous classification with far fewer regulations.  The vote is expected to be split along political party lines and repeal the regulations.  This is despite the fact that a clear majority of voters, both Republican and Democrat, support the continuance of Net Neutrality.

The FCC website is calling this move "Restoring Internet Freedom" while opponents see it as removing critical consumer protections.   Providers are currently promising not to abuse the lack of regulations but it will be up to the Federal Trade Commission to keep an eye on their practices as we move forward.

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