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California votes to restore Net Neutrality

By Mechele

Yesterday the California senate took a stand against the repeal of the Net Neutrality rules and voted to put their own rules in place. The bill restores the FCC rules on blocking, throttling and paid prioritization but goes even further to ban paid data-cap exemptions.

The bill still has to pass the ...

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The fight for Net Neutrality isn't over

By Mechele

With just weeks to go before the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality officially takes effect states, public interest groups, a few internet giants, and even lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, are finding ways to fight back.

Washington became the first state to pass a law enforcing Net Neutrality. ...
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Happy New Year

By Mechele

No matter what holiday you celebrate, the season is very much about family. At DeepDive Networking we think of ourselves as a family and that idea permeates our corporate culture at all levels. That includes making sure everyone has time to spend with their families during the holidays and we wanted...

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Net Neutrality Vote

By Mechele

Today may very well signal the end of the landmark Net Neutrality rules that were put in place just 2 years ago. The FCC will vote on whether or not the Internet remains classified as a utility, and is therefore subject to the same regulations as power and land-line phones, or returning it to a prev...

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Will SESTA Lead to Internet Censorship?

By Mechele

Yesterday the Senate Commerce Committee voted unanimously to approve the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA).  The bill faces a hard road before it could reach a full congressional vote, and tech companies as well as some anti-trafficking groups have major concerns about the possible cons...

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